Logistics as needed

- We provide customized solutions taking into account the particularities of each company (joint project with the client)


Temperature Controlled Transport

- Disposal of own fleet vehicles approved, certified and qualified.
- National distribution, collection and delivery service to any point in standard or urgent and refrigerated.
- Local and national deliveries in less than 24 hours.
- Collaboration with companies specialized in the sector.


Receiving and Storage

- Store at controlled temperatures with high capacity.
- Protocol Checklist (Managing receiving, loading, unloading products, etc ...).
- Reception and refrigerated product storage (0,2ºC a 0,8ºC).
- Stock control, product tracking expirations and according to customer requirements.


Picking and handling

- Pick to Ligh.
- Paperless Management.
- Verification 100% of all orders.
- Management of promotional material for sales network (shrink, labeling, kits, assemblies exhibitorss, etc …).
- We cover all the needs of each client.


Returns Management

- Follow Return to the needs of the product and the customer.


Cold chain distribution

- Specialization in transporting products and goods in special conditions of temperature control.
- Protocol control and monitoring of temperature variables in each shipment, ensuring good mantenimineto cold chain.
- All devices are validated.